What Is Endodontic Microsurgery?

Sometimes a microsurgical procedure may be required to preserve your tooth. This will depend on the nature of the problem existing prior to treatment as well as the response of the involved tissues after endodontic therapy. Should the need for microsurgery become evident before, during, or after endodontic treatment, you will be informed.


With endodontic surgery, whom you see first makes all the difference. The outcome of treatment varies significantly depending on knowledge of root canal anatomy and the surgical technique used.? Dr. Gonzalez has extensive experience in this field and is able to maximize patient treatment options and outcome.

Endodontic microsurgery is a surgical procedure utilizing a sophisticated operating microscope and special microsurgical instruments. The increased magnification and illumination greatly improve diagnostic capabilities and the precision of surgical procedures. Long term prognosis is enhanced and post-surgical trauma is reduced. The most common surgery used to save damaged teeth is an apicoectomy or root-end resection.



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